Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Escape From Mos Shuuta Part 2

Session 3

Ttinn and the group were forced to pay over 500 credits to “Dev” Cantina Bartender for the damage done to his Cantina. He says he will expect the rest of the payment (2,500 credits) in full soon, or else there will be trouble.
The group’s stormtrooper friend Geoff hung out in the cantina for drinks while Bing failed to score with the Twi’Lek dancer.

Bing had a conversation with Dengar about a target he was following,: Han Solo.

The group had to do “Dev” Cantina Bartender a favour, so that he would help them escape. So they made their way to Warehouse Besh (now burned severely), as Tyla and Ttinn snuck back into the place and gained the assistance of a worker droid who had been badly fire damaged. The droid was only too happy to help after Ttinn fixed him back up, and so pointed out where the bartender’s alcohol was being stored.

“Dev” Cantina Bartender told the group that a ship called the Krayt Fang was currently docked in Landing Bay Aurek, but that it was missing a hyperdrive matter igniter, and that it was owned by the Trandoshan slaver Trex.

The group went to Vorn’s junkshop where they asked if they could purchase the part needed. Vorn would not sell it to them, so Ttinn with the help of Mystra to become unnoticed using the power of the force crept into the back yard where the surly R5-K3 helped him steal the igniter, just to spite his master. In return, Ttinn cut the wire fence to allow R5 out so he could be free.

With the igniter in hand, the group then headed for Spaceport Control to unlock the docking clamps that Bing remembered would probably be affixed to their intended ship.
Some of the group tried to break in via the side entrance. Attempts at hacking the computer controls and picking the locks proved futile. Some of the group charged the two security droids guarding the front entrance and destroyed them.
Upon entering Spaceport Control, the group met Overseer Brynn Myrrat, the officer in charge. She was dealing with the landing of an" Imperial Lambda Shuttle": into Landing Bay Besh.
Bing managed to charm Brynn around, using a slight force persuasion on her. She agreed that she would like to see Bing again.
Mystra used misdirect to hide Jack P0tt$ from Brynn, so he could manually override the control terminal and unlock the docking clamps on the ship.

As the group headed out into the streets, they were spotted by a force of stormtroopers, being led by Lieutenant Anders Herkin. Someone had alerted this imperial force to the need for the group’s apprehension or destruction.
What followed was a bloody battle between the groups, where the party were almost killed by precision aimed E-11 Heavy Blaster fire, but they just managed to win the battle, having some of their number injured doing so. Those party members who were incapacitated had to be dragged free from the area. Herkin got away on a speeder he broke into, and drove off out of sight…
The group have a number of injuries to resolve, but must keep heading for their destination, to get off Tatooine at all costs.



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