Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Five
Session 9

The group discovered that the Gand bounty hunter Vrix’xit had not died from Ttinn’s grenade, and was on the loose somewhere.

They then had a communication with Ota who learned all they knew thus far as they prepared to visit Duke Dimmock to convince him to part company with Teemo in business dealings.
Unfortunately, The Geonosion Duke was not impressed by Ttinn’s attempts at charm, nor by Jack P0tt$ threatening behaviour and as such they were asked to leave with no deal brokered.

The plan was hatched, after Ota had told them that a freighter ship called The Lucky Guess would be docked nearby, piloted by Orpa and Wex Vio, sibling smugglers. They had a delivery on board that Ota‘s intel said was heading for Mos Shuuta, and indeed to Teemo’s very palace the next day.

The group made their way onto the docking gantry, some stealthily and some trying to fool the five geonosion soldier guards present. But both attempts were rendered failures in the end, as a sniper shot rang out, seemingly from the clouds themselves! The shots began knocking group members out cold, as they were set to stun, and a desperate fight began with the guards, to get off the gantry before the battle damaged entire Western wing section broke away to fall below. The group only just made it off the gantry, with some quick last minute loading crane work to stabilise it, by grabbing the gantry section and propping it up.
The group quick ran aboard the Lucky Guess, which had its ramp down by now and the ship took off, with 1 thousand credits being paid to deliver the group were they want to go. The Vio siblings saw this as an opportunity to increase wages for not extra effort. They were going that way anyway…

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Four
Session 8

Ttinn went to the Gand Vrixx’it’s private chambers to speak about Gand philosophy. As they entered, a Letaki called Ilkoi Cho entered the room with them, carrying a sack full of what appeared to be lightsaber hilts. From there, the aliens drew weapons on the jawa telling him that they are bounty hunters and spotted him on the wanted list.
Ttinn Drew two grenades from his bandolier and threw one into the sack of sabers, and one at the Letaki who managed to get his binders on the jawa first. The grenades went off, blowing everything in the sack to pieces, killing Cho, injuring Ttinn and wounding the Gand. The letaki was clearly dead, and the Gand appeared to be as geonosian security forces turned up and apprehended the jawa.

After interrogation with the security forces, it was decided that Ttinn would have to have bail paid for his release from the holding cells. This was eventually done.

The group spoke to the Toydarian information broker at the party Anatta who sold them info about Teemo. The group decided that it hoped it had enough proof to go on, to use in convincing Duke Dimmock to abandon his support of Teemo.

The group then spoke to Duke Piddock, where Zal bought a geonosian heavy blaster pistol and were informed that the Kubaz Thwheek was one main reason for him breaking ties with the Hutt, as well as suspicion over the disappearance of his technician, Sivor.

The group then prepared to head for the meeting with Duke Dimmock.

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Three
Session 7

Tel’Gana, having received a communication from her Sister, Makara, left the group to attend to that. She realised she had come to the planet and not even seen her Sister, and being wanted criminals now by Bounty hunters meant she may never again. She took this opportunity now.

The group decided to head off with Zal having now joined them, seemingly as a regular, to hunt the Lylek they heard in the nearby cave previously.
The group took a speeder back tot he location to find the initial cave in still in place. They searched and found a second entrance where previously a speeder had been parked.

The group went in, lighting up a glow rod to see. They found a secret drug stash, but the yarrock in the box got damaged when Bingham D. Bingham tried forcefully opening it with a rock. The drug got into the group’s systems and gave them a “PCP like” high.
They also found a 100 dose cargo container of Avabush and took that.

Having explored for just a little way, the group came to another cavern where Jack P0tt$ climbed the rocks built into a small wall that blocked the back end of the area off. As he did this, a juvenile Lylek pounced down from above, attacking Jack ferociously. Though as they fell and slid down the rocks, Jack managed to position himself under the creature while Ttinn hurled four quickly prepared grenades, which brought the creature low, and was an easier task to finish off.
They took its head and claimed a bounty for it, but they also determined that more larger lyleks must be present above where an air source could be felt, if this one was only a juvenile, so quickly left.

As the party were trying to leave the cave, Thwheek fired at the pre-prepped explosive charges Ttinn had planted on the side entrance, which caused a massive cave in, trapping the group inside. The industrious jawa quickly planted yet more explosives, which blew the rocks outward leaving the way clear again, as Thwheek’s ship could be seen flying off into the distance leaving grey smoke behind it.

The group then left Ryloth on the instruction of Ota, on a craft he let them fly on, to the obscure planetoid NG1, one of the last remnants of Geonosian civilisation after their homeworld was scoured barren by the Empire some time before.
There they attended the arms deal party held inside Duke Piddock’s cantina.

The group met many useful contacts, among them a rebel cell operator Mu Nanb. They met pilots willing to ship goods for 1k credits, a sub cell black sun operative (who used Bing for quickie sex in the private snug), a nemoidian forger to authorise a captains licence for the Krayt Fang and a gand.
The gand was initially standoffish, but later warmed to the group – offered to take Ttinn back to his room, where he can explain Gand philosophy to him. The jawa agreed to go.

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Two
Session 6

The group’s ship was still being fixed, and they weren’t going to be able to fly it for a number of weeks, thus remaining on Ryloth.

They received a communication from Trex, warning them that he had escape the cave and that he would indeed catch up to the group again and kill someone.

The decision was made to attack Angu Drombb and his thugs in the nearby settlement. The group made their way into the compound, disabling comms, and blocking in the escape area, while the cantina erupted in a firefight which caused a blaze, that Zal’s grenades would later cause to bring the floor down, dumping the rest of the thugs into the fire of the bar area.
Drombb was injured by a grenade thrown by Ttinn, then finished off up close by another grenade, which Tel’Gana barely avoided in time.

With the compound down, the Twi’Leks of New Meen stormed all over it, tearing it apart to build up their own defensive structures around the mine.

The group made their way back to Nabat, where they spotted Thwheek was spying on them. He got away.
When the group came back to meet Nyn Kablo below ground, she told them that someone had arrived waiting to speak to them. They were introduced to Ota, which explained that as an infochant, he had learned that Teemo had at last put a bounty on the group, to the value of 50,000 credits – but that if they tried his plan, they might be able to stop Teemo and keep the money for themselves.
It was explained that A geonosian duke called Piddock had pulled out of a deal with Teemo The Hutt, but that his rival, duke Dimmock was brokering a deal with the Hutt instead. Piddock had an upcoming black market negotiations party that Ota had been invited to attend. The Bothan suggested that the group go on his behalf, posing as Teemo, then try to use that information to convince the other duke to turn on Teemo as well. This would also give the group access to the Hutt, as Dimmock had a delivery set to go to Teemo in the next few days.

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part One
Session 5

ACT 1: A Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines.

The group came out of hyperspace, just outside of the Tatoo binary system. The ship started to act up as soon as power systems came back online.
The computer nav system was written in trandoshan, anomalies were popping up on the computer, a warning klaxon for low fuel was sounding, and other distractions, as well as the terrible smell caused by only partly cured wookie pelts hidden on board.

In the cells of the ship, the group found a Twi’Lek male called B’ura B’an.
They also found a mysterious woman called Laz, who too was being delivered somewhere as a bounty. She would not say much about herself but accompanied the group none the less. It later turned out that she and Bingham D. Bingham had history…

After arriving at Ryloth, a starfighter appeared, piloted by Thwheek. She used his quick craft to inflict sudden damage on the already in tatters Krayt Fang, which made it fall out of the sky and crash. Everyone survived, but were injured and shaken, the worst injury being the loss of left leg of Jack P0tt$, destroyed beyond repair.

They made their way to Nabat and were greeted warmly by Nyn Kablo, who asked the group to escort B’ura B’an to the mining town of New Meen, in exchange for their engineers fixing and refuelling the Krayt Fang.
The group agreed, and set off in a large speeder.

En-route, the speeder was attacked in an ambush, from a group of Bounty Hunters posing as imperial agents. The speeder crashed and a firefight ensued. Many bounty hunters were slain, including a scoped rifle wielding Gand, but an Aqualish and their team leader Trex survived to fall back into the cave behind them. This retreat had been made all the more important after Dr Tyla Kerrash force pulled the heavy blaster out of his clawed hand.
The group decided to blow the cave entrance up using detonite charges planted by Ttinn in the hope that Trex would be forever sealed in. Moments later, murmured growls could be heard from a large beast also inside the sealed cave, that Content Not Found: null warned was probably a Lylek.

Ttinn fixed the speeder in 25 minutes and the group were able to continue to New Meen without incident.

Once there, B’ura B’an told his adoring fellows that the group with him were heroes of the hour, and they were celebrated.
Ttinn fixed some of their mining machinery, bringing it back to a new efficient state.

The group having spoken to the Twi’Leks of New Meen realised that Angu Drombb and his development crews based nearby were taking advantage of the people of the town. His presence there was probably as a cover for a far more powerful person, trying to take charge of the mines. This was determined to be Teemo The Hutt. No hutt has ever tried to muscle in on the actual mining of spice, only ever its delivery. The group realised that Teemo was overly ambitious in his scope and because Tel’Gana felt responsible for bringing Drombb to the site in the first place (under Teemo’s orders), as seemingly liberators – she wanted to fix it by dealing with Angu Drombb and stopping his take over. The group decided this would be their course of action, to head to Drombb’s settlement a mile away to the South, and solve the problem, one way or another.

Escape From Mos Shuuta Final Part
Session 4

Mystra Nei went missing after the fight with the Stormtroopers.
The group carried on down the street only to find a crashed speeder with an upturned Twi’Lek inside. This was Content Not Found: null.
She explained that she saw Lieutenant Anders Herkin flying the speeder fast through the streets, about to run down a Mother and child, so she jumped into the seat and steered the vehicle into the wall. Herkin was nowhere to be seen.

They quickly make their way off together, towards the Aurek ship hangar. Bing kept the droid guards busy while Ttinn sneaked past them and planted explosives on them. Bing then made his quick exit and the droids were blow to bits – but the entrance too collapsed, leaving the group to struggle in getting through the gaps of rubble.
Once inside, they engaged two more security droids before fighting Trex, in a desperate battle to keep his ship from being stolen.

Trex made a surprise attack, using the cargo elevator, shooting at the group as it took cover under the parked freighter. Content Not Found: null made a notable shot against the lift controls, sending them out of control and hurtling back down into the lower section. This bought more time while the group made their way aboard the ship, as Trex was shot at repeatedly, and pushed back.

As the group boarded, the rubble blew away from Lieutenant Anders Herkin rewiring a speeder’s magnetic propulsion to overload the entrance, and a stormtrooper compliment, along with Gamorrean guards fought their way in. This bought time for a heavy weapons team to enter too.
The group now full boarded, jumped on the turrets and laid down defensive fire against the newcomers while Herkin himself hacked into the hangar’s own security console outside.
Ttin’s carefully placed second explosives saw the wiring to the terminal get destroyed, as Herkin could only watch the Krayt Fang take off and leave.

While the ship was in space, Tie Fighters attacked them. Most were destroyed, but the Krayt Fang suffered damage in the race against time to install the hypermatter engine igniter and wait for it to charge up. During this chaos, R5-K3 appeared, having stowed away on board the ship. He assisted in ship computer diagnostics procedures.

Once the ship made its jump to hyperspace, the crew were able to see that the computers operating systems were in Trandoshan, so the currently plotted course for astrogation had to default to the last used one.
Furthermore, the ship was low on fuel cells, so would only be able to make a further short jump.
While still in hyperspace, with the ship in a low power state, another ship entered their wormhole from behind. This was crewed by the Bounty Hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM. This entry should have been near impossible to accomplish, but Zuckuss, it was explained, had his ways.
They were there to deliver a message from Bargos The Hutt, who opposed Teemo and Jabba: In summary, the group were offered a chance to work for Bargos at a later date or be destroyed in hyperspace. They wisely accepted the offer.

Escape From Mos Shuuta Part 2
Session 3

Ttinn and the group were forced to pay over 500 credits to “Dev” Cantina Bartender for the damage done to his Cantina. He says he will expect the rest of the payment (2,500 credits) in full soon, or else there will be trouble.
The group’s stormtrooper friend Geoff hung out in the cantina for drinks while Bing failed to score with the Twi’Lek dancer.

Bing had a conversation with Dengar about a target he was following,: Han Solo.

The group had to do “Dev” Cantina Bartender a favour, so that he would help them escape. So they made their way to Warehouse Besh (now burned severely), as Tyla and Ttinn snuck back into the place and gained the assistance of a worker droid who had been badly fire damaged. The droid was only too happy to help after Ttinn fixed him back up, and so pointed out where the bartender’s alcohol was being stored.

“Dev” Cantina Bartender told the group that a ship called the Krayt Fang was currently docked in Landing Bay Aurek, but that it was missing a hyperdrive matter igniter, and that it was owned by the Trandoshan slaver Trex.

The group went to Vorn’s junkshop where they asked if they could purchase the part needed. Vorn would not sell it to them, so Ttinn with the help of Mystra to become unnoticed using the power of the force crept into the back yard where the surly R5-K3 helped him steal the igniter, just to spite his master. In return, Ttinn cut the wire fence to allow R5 out so he could be free.

With the igniter in hand, the group then headed for Spaceport Control to unlock the docking clamps that Bing remembered would probably be affixed to their intended ship.
Some of the group tried to break in via the side entrance. Attempts at hacking the computer controls and picking the locks proved futile. Some of the group charged the two security droids guarding the front entrance and destroyed them.
Upon entering Spaceport Control, the group met Overseer Brynn Myrrat, the officer in charge. She was dealing with the landing of an" Imperial Lambda Shuttle": into Landing Bay Besh.
Bing managed to charm Brynn around, using a slight force persuasion on her. She agreed that she would like to see Bing again.
Mystra used misdirect to hide Jack P0tt$ from Brynn, so he could manually override the control terminal and unlock the docking clamps on the ship.

As the group headed out into the streets, they were spotted by a force of stormtroopers, being led by Lieutenant Anders Herkin. Someone had alerted this imperial force to the need for the group’s apprehension or destruction.
What followed was a bloody battle between the groups, where the party were almost killed by precision aimed E-11 Heavy Blaster fire, but they just managed to win the battle, having some of their number injured doing so. Those party members who were incapacitated had to be dragged free from the area. Herkin got away on a speeder he broke into, and drove off out of sight…
The group have a number of injuries to resolve, but must keep heading for their destination, to get off Tatooine at all costs.

Prelude - More Dossing Around In Mos Shuuta & Escape
Session 2

Session 2. The group are called to Teemo The Hutt’s throne room and told to extract protection money from a local doctor and do some other small jobs. They also meet a fifth person who wants to escape Teemo’s clutches equally, a psychiatrist called Tylla.
They resolve the payment from the doctor without bloodshed, but much chaos is caused in the streets once again, this time with arson and breaking and entering into Warehouse Besh being part of the repertoire.
Teemo snaps and orders the capture or death of the group immediately. They run into the cantina, chased by gamorrean guards that they quickly kill.

Prelude - Dossing Around In Tatooine
Session 1

Tatooine. Four of the group, Ttinn, Bing, Mystra and Jack P0tt$ meet and walk around Mos Shuuta discussing how they might escape the planet and Teemo’s grasp. They get overheard and drop themselves in it though with Bing’s over curious questions to the wrong people. Ttinn causes chaos on the streets, making a fat rodian fall from the chair in which he is carried, thanks to a tiny explosive charge. Jack P0tt$ decides to fight a duel with Old Man Hurk in Teemo’s gladiatorial pit. Jack P0tt$ wins by Ttinn triggering a hidden explosive charge on the robot, severely injuring Hurk, but not Jack.




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