Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Escape From Mos Shuuta Final Part

Session 4

Mystra Nei went missing after the fight with the Stormtroopers.
The group carried on down the street only to find a crashed speeder with an upturned Twi’Lek inside. This was Content Not Found: null.
She explained that she saw Lieutenant Anders Herkin flying the speeder fast through the streets, about to run down a Mother and child, so she jumped into the seat and steered the vehicle into the wall. Herkin was nowhere to be seen.

They quickly make their way off together, towards the Aurek ship hangar. Bing kept the droid guards busy while Ttinn sneaked past them and planted explosives on them. Bing then made his quick exit and the droids were blow to bits – but the entrance too collapsed, leaving the group to struggle in getting through the gaps of rubble.
Once inside, they engaged two more security droids before fighting Trex, in a desperate battle to keep his ship from being stolen.

Trex made a surprise attack, using the cargo elevator, shooting at the group as it took cover under the parked freighter. Content Not Found: null made a notable shot against the lift controls, sending them out of control and hurtling back down into the lower section. This bought more time while the group made their way aboard the ship, as Trex was shot at repeatedly, and pushed back.

As the group boarded, the rubble blew away from Lieutenant Anders Herkin rewiring a speeder’s magnetic propulsion to overload the entrance, and a stormtrooper compliment, along with Gamorrean guards fought their way in. This bought time for a heavy weapons team to enter too.
The group now full boarded, jumped on the turrets and laid down defensive fire against the newcomers while Herkin himself hacked into the hangar’s own security console outside.
Ttin’s carefully placed second explosives saw the wiring to the terminal get destroyed, as Herkin could only watch the Krayt Fang take off and leave.

While the ship was in space, Tie Fighters attacked them. Most were destroyed, but the Krayt Fang suffered damage in the race against time to install the hypermatter engine igniter and wait for it to charge up. During this chaos, R5-K3 appeared, having stowed away on board the ship. He assisted in ship computer diagnostics procedures.

Once the ship made its jump to hyperspace, the crew were able to see that the computers operating systems were in Trandoshan, so the currently plotted course for astrogation had to default to the last used one.
Furthermore, the ship was low on fuel cells, so would only be able to make a further short jump.
While still in hyperspace, with the ship in a low power state, another ship entered their wormhole from behind. This was crewed by the Bounty Hunters Zuckuss and 4-LOM. This entry should have been near impossible to accomplish, but Zuckuss, it was explained, had his ways.
They were there to deliver a message from Bargos The Hutt, who opposed Teemo and Jabba: In summary, the group were offered a chance to work for Bargos at a later date or be destroyed in hyperspace. They wisely accepted the offer.



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