Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Five

Session 9

The group discovered that the Gand bounty hunter Vrix’xit had not died from Ttinn’s grenade, and was on the loose somewhere.

They then had a communication with Ota who learned all they knew thus far as they prepared to visit Duke Dimmock to convince him to part company with Teemo in business dealings.
Unfortunately, The Geonosion Duke was not impressed by Ttinn’s attempts at charm, nor by Jack P0tt$ threatening behaviour and as such they were asked to leave with no deal brokered.

The plan was hatched, after Ota had told them that a freighter ship called The Lucky Guess would be docked nearby, piloted by Orpa and Wex Vio, sibling smugglers. They had a delivery on board that Ota‘s intel said was heading for Mos Shuuta, and indeed to Teemo’s very palace the next day.

The group made their way onto the docking gantry, some stealthily and some trying to fool the five geonosion soldier guards present. But both attempts were rendered failures in the end, as a sniper shot rang out, seemingly from the clouds themselves! The shots began knocking group members out cold, as they were set to stun, and a desperate fight began with the guards, to get off the gantry before the battle damaged entire Western wing section broke away to fall below. The group only just made it off the gantry, with some quick last minute loading crane work to stabilise it, by grabbing the gantry section and propping it up.
The group quick ran aboard the Lucky Guess, which had its ramp down by now and the ship took off, with 1 thousand credits being paid to deliver the group were they want to go. The Vio siblings saw this as an opportunity to increase wages for not extra effort. They were going that way anyway…



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