Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Four

Session 8

Ttinn went to the Gand Vrixx’it’s private chambers to speak about Gand philosophy. As they entered, a Letaki called Ilkoi Cho entered the room with them, carrying a sack full of what appeared to be lightsaber hilts. From there, the aliens drew weapons on the jawa telling him that they are bounty hunters and spotted him on the wanted list.
Ttinn Drew two grenades from his bandolier and threw one into the sack of sabers, and one at the Letaki who managed to get his binders on the jawa first. The grenades went off, blowing everything in the sack to pieces, killing Cho, injuring Ttinn and wounding the Gand. The letaki was clearly dead, and the Gand appeared to be as geonosian security forces turned up and apprehended the jawa.

After interrogation with the security forces, it was decided that Ttinn would have to have bail paid for his release from the holding cells. This was eventually done.

The group spoke to the Toydarian information broker at the party Anatta who sold them info about Teemo. The group decided that it hoped it had enough proof to go on, to use in convincing Duke Dimmock to abandon his support of Teemo.

The group then spoke to Duke Piddock, where Zal bought a geonosian heavy blaster pistol and were informed that the Kubaz Thwheek was one main reason for him breaking ties with the Hutt, as well as suspicion over the disappearance of his technician, Sivor.

The group then prepared to head for the meeting with Duke Dimmock.



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