Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part One

Session 5

ACT 1: A Rugged Road to the Ryll Mines.

The group came out of hyperspace, just outside of the Tatoo binary system. The ship started to act up as soon as power systems came back online.
The computer nav system was written in trandoshan, anomalies were popping up on the computer, a warning klaxon for low fuel was sounding, and other distractions, as well as the terrible smell caused by only partly cured wookie pelts hidden on board.

In the cells of the ship, the group found a Twi’Lek male called B’ura B’an.
They also found a mysterious woman called Laz, who too was being delivered somewhere as a bounty. She would not say much about herself but accompanied the group none the less. It later turned out that she and Bingham D. Bingham had history…

After arriving at Ryloth, a starfighter appeared, piloted by Thwheek. She used his quick craft to inflict sudden damage on the already in tatters Krayt Fang, which made it fall out of the sky and crash. Everyone survived, but were injured and shaken, the worst injury being the loss of left leg of Jack P0tt$, destroyed beyond repair.

They made their way to Nabat and were greeted warmly by Nyn Kablo, who asked the group to escort B’ura B’an to the mining town of New Meen, in exchange for their engineers fixing and refuelling the Krayt Fang.
The group agreed, and set off in a large speeder.

En-route, the speeder was attacked in an ambush, from a group of Bounty Hunters posing as imperial agents. The speeder crashed and a firefight ensued. Many bounty hunters were slain, including a scoped rifle wielding Gand, but an Aqualish and their team leader Trex survived to fall back into the cave behind them. This retreat had been made all the more important after Dr Tyla Kerrash force pulled the heavy blaster out of his clawed hand.
The group decided to blow the cave entrance up using detonite charges planted by Ttinn in the hope that Trex would be forever sealed in. Moments later, murmured growls could be heard from a large beast also inside the sealed cave, that Content Not Found: null warned was probably a Lylek.

Ttinn fixed the speeder in 25 minutes and the group were able to continue to New Meen without incident.

Once there, B’ura B’an told his adoring fellows that the group with him were heroes of the hour, and they were celebrated.
Ttinn fixed some of their mining machinery, bringing it back to a new efficient state.

The group having spoken to the Twi’Leks of New Meen realised that Angu Drombb and his development crews based nearby were taking advantage of the people of the town. His presence there was probably as a cover for a far more powerful person, trying to take charge of the mines. This was determined to be Teemo The Hutt. No hutt has ever tried to muscle in on the actual mining of spice, only ever its delivery. The group realised that Teemo was overly ambitious in his scope and because Tel’Gana felt responsible for bringing Drombb to the site in the first place (under Teemo’s orders), as seemingly liberators – she wanted to fix it by dealing with Angu Drombb and stopping his take over. The group decided this would be their course of action, to head to Drombb’s settlement a mile away to the South, and solve the problem, one way or another.



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