Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Two

Session 6

The group’s ship was still being fixed, and they weren’t going to be able to fly it for a number of weeks, thus remaining on Ryloth.

They received a communication from Trex, warning them that he had escape the cave and that he would indeed catch up to the group again and kill someone.

The decision was made to attack Angu Drombb and his thugs in the nearby settlement. The group made their way into the compound, disabling comms, and blocking in the escape area, while the cantina erupted in a firefight which caused a blaze, that Zal’s grenades would later cause to bring the floor down, dumping the rest of the thugs into the fire of the bar area.
Drombb was injured by a grenade thrown by Ttinn, then finished off up close by another grenade, which Tel’Gana barely avoided in time.

With the compound down, the Twi’Leks of New Meen stormed all over it, tearing it apart to build up their own defensive structures around the mine.

The group made their way back to Nabat, where they spotted Thwheek was spying on them. He got away.
When the group came back to meet Nyn Kablo below ground, she told them that someone had arrived waiting to speak to them. They were introduced to Ota, which explained that as an infochant, he had learned that Teemo had at last put a bounty on the group, to the value of 50,000 credits – but that if they tried his plan, they might be able to stop Teemo and keep the money for themselves.
It was explained that A geonosian duke called Piddock had pulled out of a deal with Teemo The Hutt, but that his rival, duke Dimmock was brokering a deal with the Hutt instead. Piddock had an upcoming black market negotiations party that Ota had been invited to attend. The Bothan suggested that the group go on his behalf, posing as Teemo, then try to use that information to convince the other duke to turn on Teemo as well. This would also give the group access to the Hutt, as Dimmock had a delivery set to go to Teemo in the next few days.



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