Teemo The Hutt

Mos Shuuta Gangster, Paranoid, Violent Substance Abuser


Dead, killed by Tel’Gana’s heavy blaster.

The gang lord of Mos Shuuta, part of Jabba’s clan on the same planet. Violent and paranoid, always thinking his own staff are out to bring him down, so he needed to bring them down first!

Used too much of his own narcotic product, which makes adversely effected his decision making at critical times. These induced bouts of madness often saw him destroy protocol droids, both his and those belonging to visitors, until he had a protocol droid circuitry fitted into a de-weaponised B2 Battle Droid shell.



[[File:554013 | class=media-item-align-none | Teemos_palace.png]]

Teemo The Hutt

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