Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Conclusion

The group’s attempts to gain information on Teemo having been unsuccessful, they were left with no choice but to make their assault on the hutt’s palace anyway.

Dr Tyla Kerrash, Jack P0tt$ and R5-K3 stayed on the twins’ ship ‘The Lucky Guess’, due to their own reasons.
The others left the ship and discovered the crates being delivered to Teemo contained illegal B1 Battle Droids. Ttinn planted explosive charges on the crates so they would open at an opportune time. As they were being transported via magni lift, the charges were popped while outside space control. Lieutenant Anders Herkin quickly had the droids locked down, but not before they were seen by members of the public milling closer.

The group separated to prepare, with the jawa paying off the debt owed to Dev, the cantina bar owner, Tel’Gana prepping the rest of the team with her report – with her having gone ahead of them to stake out the place, Zal went shopping for a new mod on her gun and Bing became fascinated by the gran who was once again standing in the water tower. When the other 3 came to find Bing, he was nowehere to be seen, so the plan still went ahead with just 3.
Ttinn bluffed his way past the first gamorrean guards by saying that Teemo clearly wants them, so here they are to hand themselves over and have it out with him. Confused by the little one’s ranting, they agreed, but insisted that the bag of explosives the jawa carried were handed over to them. Ttin did that, but had kept his grenades cleverly stowed in secret hiding places in his robes. The group started to look around the palace on their way to the throne room. Zal went to the computer database and managed to find evidence of Teemo not making payments to Jabba the Hutt. This evidence would have been enough, but her lack of skill in slicing meant that the server quickly locked her out and shut down. The other two were heading for the gladiators cells when somehow, they opened on their own accord!
A group of confused looking gladiators, including the wookie Lowhrick came up the stairs to their level and were offered a chance to help fight for them. Meanwhile, the alarm caused by the computer failure had summoned heaps more gamorrean guards from the barracks nearby, who were charging down the passage towards the group. The slaves and other rogue types were left fighting each other in the hallway when Ttin set off the explosives in his bag remotely. The resulting explosion killed some of the guards and caused a huge cave in of the walls and ceiling, with parts of the floor sinking through as well. To confuse matters more, Thwheek attacked the group with a blaster and quickly ran out onto the landing pad, but the group did not pursue.

The 3 quickly made their way to the throne room where the slaves began fighting against the thugs present. Teemo was in no mood to negotiate the matter and battle began, with the hutt pulling out a heavy blaster. Two gamorrean guards were fighting with Zal and Tel’Gana, almost overwhelming them, while the hutt used a nearby human mook as a shield from blaster fire. Ttin’s grenades killed the other human mercs and softened up the hutt considerably. The hutt’s blaster pistol was blown out of his hand by the force of one explosion and he reached for an axe. After a difficult fight, the gamorreans were killed and Tel’Gana’s final blaster shot hit Teemo before he could reach the group with his slow movement. Teemo collapsed and died. In that moment.

It was then that several factors sunk in. The hutt had been killed, but who would be blamed? They needed the data that was on the server, so they had the wookie Lowhrick tear the computer out of the ground and carry it on his back. They also realised they were trapped, due to the cave in. They tried to escape the palace by heading for the landing pad to steal away on the hutt’s sail barge or “douche canoe” as we are now calling it. But Thweek, the Kubaz spy was waiting for them. He gave orders to a man on an AA turret to open fire on the group. That is what he did, with a heavy blast that could destroy a ship, the entranceway the group were stood in collapsed around them, with the computer itself being buried under debris, trapped. The group found another way out, by climbing through the administration office and over the front help desk, pretending the slaves with them were prisoners they had caught – and indeed blaming the explosion on them. This bluff worked, with the imperial low ranking officer ordering two gamorreans to escort the slaves away for questioning.
While they were being removed, it was a simple matter for Tel’Gana to position herself in a long range sniper opportunity, taking one of the guards out. The wookie took out the second himself. At this, the slaves made a run for it, in different directions within Mos Shuuta.

The group can only hope that they won’t be captured and interrogated eventually, or that there is no evidence in the palace that it was them present who made the kill. After all, Jabba will be expected to do something about the death of one of his family, even if he did have suspicions about him too.



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