Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Epilogue

Bing climbed to the top of the water tower, confronting the gran atop it. After a conversation with him, he proceeded to jump off the tower, ending his life…Bing is dead from suicide, while the gran, Tek Mar tried to save him.

Lieutenant Anders Herkin and a squad of stormtroopers made their way to the landing bays of Mos Shuuta and quickly locked them down, all in reaction to the discovery of the B1 battle droids that came in on the Lucky Guess ship. That ship was impounded, with the Vio twins taken aside for questioning.
Dr Tyla Kerrash and Jack P0tt$ managed to sneak off the ship after the wayward R5-K3 trundled away from the ship first, gaining the attention of the stormtroopers there. R5 was apprehended for inspection – but meanwhile his proximity transponder began clearly beeping, alerting Vorn Tel Ovis to the presence of his droid nearby.

The group are now stuck in Mos Shuuta with no way to escape for the time being, so they decided to go to the cantina and drink the day away.

Team’s death has left a power vacuum that was filled by the morbidly obese rodian Seedonio, who has quickly bought up ownership of the partly ruined palace. He is now the criminal leader of Mos Shuuta and already has a mission available on the jobs board.



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