Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

The Long Arm of the Hutt - Part Three

Session 7

Tel’Gana, having received a communication from her Sister, Makara, left the group to attend to that. She realised she had come to the planet and not even seen her Sister, and being wanted criminals now by Bounty hunters meant she may never again. She took this opportunity now.

The group decided to head off with Zal having now joined them, seemingly as a regular, to hunt the Lylek they heard in the nearby cave previously.
The group took a speeder back tot he location to find the initial cave in still in place. They searched and found a second entrance where previously a speeder had been parked.

The group went in, lighting up a glow rod to see. They found a secret drug stash, but the yarrock in the box got damaged when Bingham D. Bingham tried forcefully opening it with a rock. The drug got into the group’s systems and gave them a “PCP like” high.
They also found a 100 dose cargo container of Avabush and took that.

Having explored for just a little way, the group came to another cavern where Jack P0tt$ climbed the rocks built into a small wall that blocked the back end of the area off. As he did this, a juvenile Lylek pounced down from above, attacking Jack ferociously. Though as they fell and slid down the rocks, Jack managed to position himself under the creature while Ttinn hurled four quickly prepared grenades, which brought the creature low, and was an easier task to finish off.
They took its head and claimed a bounty for it, but they also determined that more larger lyleks must be present above where an air source could be felt, if this one was only a juvenile, so quickly left.

As the party were trying to leave the cave, Thwheek fired at the pre-prepped explosive charges Ttinn had planted on the side entrance, which caused a massive cave in, trapping the group inside. The industrious jawa quickly planted yet more explosives, which blew the rocks outward leaving the way clear again, as Thwheek’s ship could be seen flying off into the distance leaving grey smoke behind it.

The group then left Ryloth on the instruction of Ota, on a craft he let them fly on, to the obscure planetoid NG1, one of the last remnants of Geonosian civilisation after their homeworld was scoured barren by the Empire some time before.
There they attended the arms deal party held inside Duke Piddock’s cantina.

The group met many useful contacts, among them a rebel cell operator Mu Nanb. They met pilots willing to ship goods for 1k credits, a sub cell black sun operative (who used Bing for quickie sex in the private snug), a nemoidian forger to authorise a captains licence for the Krayt Fang and a gand.
The gand was initially standoffish, but later warmed to the group – offered to take Ttinn back to his room, where he can explain Gand philosophy to him. The jawa agreed to go.



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